What type of MBA is best?

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What type of MBA is best: Not only that I answered lots of question like this and related to MBA. like What type of MBA is best, Which MBA has highest salary, Which MBA specialization is toughest, Which is the best MBA to become a CEO, Which MBA specialization is best for girls, What is the lowest salary of MBA

What type of MBA is best?

In MBA Degree there are lots of MBA course, According to me which one pays the highest salary is the best MBA degree. Like MBA in finance, Business analytics, entrepreneurship.

Which MBA has highest salary?

MBA In marketing, MBA In business analytics, MBA In entrepreneurship and also MBA In finance, those degree pays the highest salary 

Which MBA specialization is toughest?

In MBA there are many MBA specialisation is toughest but the most demanding is MBA in operation management, Accounts, Marketing, healthcare management, Human resource management.

Which is the best MBA to become a CEO?

There is no specific MBA degree to becoming a CEO, but there are some degree which can help you become a CEO. MBA in entrepreneurship and business analytics.

Which MBA specialization is best for girls?

Every MBA specialisation is best for girls, just do it.

What is the lowest salary of MBA?

The most lowest salary of MBA at starting time is 5 lakh per annum and the highest of MBA at starting time is 10 lakh per annum

How to choose MBA specialization?

We all knows that MBA is a master degree and also we knows that its totally about business and finance. If you are form this back ground and you want masters then you have to choose MBA, cause we all knows the value of MBA.

Which stream of MBA is easy?

Just because of its a masters degree no stream is here but the MBA in digital marketing is easy.

Which MBA concentration is in demand?

International management, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, operation management are the most demanded now a days.

Is MBA in HR a good option?

MBA in HR is a good option but its not for all student those who are in Human resource management background can choose this option.

What is the scope of MBA in HR?

In this year, lots of opportunities have for HR recruitment. But in india have sufficient opportunities in HR. but now its has lots of opportunities in foreign. So if you are a MBA in HR then you should go foreign.

Which is the best company to join after MBA?

The best company based on your stream . its depend what are you doing on?

Which field is better Finance or HR?

HR is easier then finance but finance has good salary at the starting time. So its depends on you what you want high salary or easy job?

What is the salary of MBA in HR in India?

For freshers the starting salary for MBA in HR is 2.1 lakhs per annum and the highest salary for freshers 8.9 lakhs at starting.

Which is better MBA in India or abroad?

In India, more priority is given to those students who have completed their MBA from abroad then who have completed their MBA from india 

Is MBA guaranteed job?

Obviously MBA has guaranteed job but there is condition. Before start a MBA course you should join a best college which gives you job.

Is MBA easy to pass?

According to an MBA student , MBA is very easy to pass for those who are very good in studies or who loves his stream.

Can we take 2 Specialization in MBA?

Students can choose to pursue a concentration in two distinct business administration fields in an MBA program with a dual focus. These fields may include accounting, business technologies, communications, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, operations management, and others.

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Which MBA specialization is best for govt jobs?

Some stream like Marketing, Accounts, Human resources management, Finance. You can get Govt jobs are available after doing MBA in these.

Which MBA is better general or specialization?

Obviously specialisation in something is always better than a general thing. But its not mandatory that you have to take specialisation in something.

What is the scope of MBA in future?

Now MBA has high scope in future because if we look around then we can see many industries build everyday .

Which city is best for MBA freshers in India?

Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune these are city paying a good salary to MBA freshers.

Is MBA HR is easy or tough?

MBA in HR is easy than other stream.

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